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As our esteemed AFFIN customer, we are pleased to offer you an exclusive access to the “AFFIN INVIKTA™ Account/AFFIN INVIKTA™ Account-i”. This innovative hybrid savings account combines the everyday convenience of a traditional savings account and current account, and rewards you with higher returns. This is the only savings account you’ll ever need.

What We Offer

Privileged Interest Rates

Be rewarded with premium interest rates for the exclusive few

Internet Banking

24/7 access to online transactions via AffinOnline

Premium Benefits of AFFIN INVIKTA™ Account / Account – i


Requirement :
By invitation only

Initial Deposit :

Minimum balance to maintain :

AFFIN INVIKTA™ is by invitation only

We welcome you to AFFIN INVIKTA™. Share with us your details and we shall extend our exclusive invitation for you to be an AFFIN INVIKTA™ member.
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Note: Submission of your information is not an application for any banking products and invitation to be an AFFIN INVIKTA™ member is subject to review by AFFIN BANK.

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