A new class is born. AFFIN AVANCE™ is our new financial and wealth segment with unique benefits for mass affluent segment of forward thinking on-the-go professionals, with personalized services.

AFFIN AVANCE™ provides privileges as you move ahead with benefits to meet your financial needs. We provide financial planning for those in the growth path of your careers, so that we can grow together with you in your financial journey.

Let us help you make the right, informed choices as we build your wealth into a legacy for the future.

We recognize your ambition to be up to date in terms of trend and technology. Therefore, the future services and products will involve the latest technology and applications.

Explore endless possibilities, seize the opportunities, unleash your capabilities.

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Witness the launch of a new era at AFFIN BANK / AFFIN ISLAMIC

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Explore unique insights from our team. Watch as we discuss market trends with our partners to support your financial needs.

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We are honoured to have you as our esteemed client, in recognition of our banking relationship and your continued patronage. Experience a whole new level of banking convenience and rewards with us.

Explore Uncharted Privilege with AFFIN INVIKTA™

AFFIN INVIKTA™ Account/Account-i – Innovative hybrid savings account combines the everyday convenience of a traditional savings account and current account, and rewards you with higher returns.